All 2019 videos are back up and ready to watch post-event!

Scroll down & choose any or all from the 13 sessions held on April 1st or April 2nd.  We were not able to capture breakout sessions in Track B & Track C.

Videos are in the order shown in the agenda. Full Agenda in Brief — 2017 energy transition symposium

DAY 1 — April 1st, 2019       and      DAY 2 — April 2nd, 2019

Integrative Design for Radical Energy Efficiency

How the Federal Government is Working to Solve National Challenges 

Bridging the Gap: Discovery, Research & World-Changing Solutions Impacting at a Global Scale 

Keynote Moderated Q&A

Collaboratory: Addressing Grand Challenges Through Collaboration

Government’s Role in Driving Innovation – Colorado Governor Jared Polis

Driving Innovation Through Policy & Economic Development

Powering Women in Energy – Our Journey

Colorado C3E Announcement

Food/Energy/Water Innovative Systems Strategies

Decarbonization Solutions Panel A

Decarbonization Solutions Panel B

Leading the Clean Energy Transition – Reliably and Affordably

Global Trends, Innovation & Emerging Markets in Energy

Digitization of Energy

Utilities Driving Innovation

Closing Remarks – 21st Century Energy Transition Symposium 2019