Original Symposium dates:  May 4, 5, 14, 2021 (You can still register to watch any of the recorded sessions)

Cost:  Free of charge but everyone must register if they want to watch recorded sessions.

Link to virtual platform:  Once you register you will be sent an email asking you to click on your personalized link and “claim your account”.  You will have to do this extra step once in order to access any of the three day recorded sessions.

Who attended the May 4-5 and 14, 2021 symposium:  Energy industry (all sources of energy), climate, environmental, renewables, researchers, scientists, venture capitalists and philanthropic organizations, energy-related organizations, law firms, entrepreneurs, small/medium/large companies in energy and environmental sectors, NGOs, federal agencies, government, municipalities, elected officials, regulators, policy makers, utilities, academia, students, faculty and community.

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Please thank our generous sponsors who allowed us to offer the original May 2021 three day energy symposium free of charge as well as allow anyone to watch recorded sessions until May 2022.  Our platinum sponsor was Xcel Energy.   Click here to see the sponsors!

Thank you for your interest in the three day 9th annual 21st Century Energy Transition Symposium originally held virtually on May 4, 5, and 14, 2021. You may watch recorded sessions until May 2022. Click here to view the three day agenda and read speaker bios.
Getting Started:
Note: If you’ve already registered and followed the link in a previous confirmation e-mail to “claim your account” in the virtual platform, you can skip to Step 2. If not, or if you aren’t sure, please follow the instructions below starting with Step 1.
Step 1 – Claiming Your Account:
If you haven’t already “claimed your account” in the virtual platform, click the link below to “claim your account”. It is the second step after registering that must be completed in order to access recorded videos. You will continue to use that same personalized link to access any of the symposium recorded sessions and/or download speaker PPT slide decks.
Step 2 – Watch recorded sessions:
Enter the Symposium platform through your personalized link above in Step 1. From the main navigation menu, select Schedule > Agenda and choose from any session(s) that you want to watch a recorded video. Choose which day you want to access and click on it. The three days (May 4, May 5 and May 14) are listed side by side on the screen. You may view any of the sessions until May 2022.
For those that aren’t registered yet:  The good news is anyone can watch the recorded videos until May 2022 but you must first register then “claim your account” on the virtual platform.  Feel free to spread the word! Logistically the only way for anyone to watch the re-posted videos from May 4, 5, and 14 is to complete the following:
Step 1: Register (for free) for one or more days on the May 4, 5 and 14 using this link
Step 2: Once you’re registered you will be sent another email from the virtual platform asking you to “claim your account” — so be watching for that email. The personalized link allows you to enter the third party virtual platform using a password. If you don’t complete Step 2 you won’t be able to see any recorded sessions.
Step 3: Once you get into the virtual platform, go to Schedule > Agenda. Choose which day you want to access and click on it. The three days (May 4, May 5 and May 14) are listed side by side on the screen. You may view any of the sessions until May 2022.
Step 4: Once you access the session you want to watch, if speakers used PPT slide decks, you can find them located under the “Files” tab next to the “Chat” tab.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: I registered but my organization’s email server has blocked me from accessing the platform link. What can I do?
A: You may need to use a personal e-mail address instead (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) Please email Symposium Chair Maury Dobbie (maury.dobbie@ColoradoCollaboratory.org) for assistance in updating your e-mail address preferences. You do not need to register again.
Q: I didn’t attend one or more sessions. Can I view recorded sessions later?
A: Yes! The recorded videos are already available using your personalized link.
Q: If I want to share the recorded videos with others, do they need to register?
A: Yes. Everyone must first register (free of charge) to watch recorded videos using using this link. Follow the steps detailed above.
Q: How long do I have to watch recorded sessions from the May 4, 5 ,& 14, 2021 energy symposium?
A: You will have until May 2022 to watch any of the recorded sessions or download the speaker PPT slide decks.
Q: Do I need to download software or use a certain browser to view the recorded sessions?
A: No, you will not need to download any software. You will only need a computer and a stable internet connection to watch recorded sessions. Below are some recommended Best Practices:
— Browser: We strongly recommend using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser
— Internet: Ensure you have a strong internet connection to avoid buffering or slow downs
— Clear Your Browser Cache: If you’re experiencing technical difficulties, try clearing your browser cache first. Learn More Here: Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies
— Close Unused Browser Tabs or Windows
— Use headphones or a separate speaker for the best audio quality and experience