Below you will find links to other interesting webinars hosted by organizations other than the Collaboratory.   Enjoy!

IN2 Webinar Series:  Cleantech Group Macro Trend Briefings  Click here for more information about IN2 and webinar series.
A.  April 2020 webinar presented by Cleantech Group “Macro Trends in Cleantech”

B.  May 2020 webinar planned focused on Commercial Buildings

C.  June 2020 webinar planned focused on Sustainable Agriculture

D.  September 2020 webinar planned focused on Housing


Electric Truck Series – Featuring Lordstown Motors

In 2021, numerous car manufacturers are answering the call for electric truck and sport utility vehicles. Join CLEER, Northern Colorado Clean Cities and Yellowstone-Teton Clean Cities for part one of our webinar series, featuring Lordstown Motors, which will highlight the upcoming lineup of electric truck options.

February 10 | 1-2pm MST

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Sustainability and Equity of Electric Vehicles

Join NCCC, Colorado State University Faculty, and experts from Argonne National Laboratory as we discuss the complexities of powering electric vehicles, electric vehicle batteries and recycling, and emerging technologies that help make EVs more sustainable and more equitable.

February 11 | 1-2:30pm MST

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Colorado School of Mines’ Integrated Carbon Capture, Utilization, and Storage Initiative

The Virtual CCUS Expo March 18-19, 2021 and feature the latest research, solutions, and transformative ideas from Mines faculty, provide an opportunity to engage with leaders from government and industry, and offer opportunities for collaboration with Mines researchers or general partnership in the Mines Integrated CCUS Initiative.  Click here for more information:  CO School of Mines CCUS Expo_2021_Invitation