Webinar description    Blockchain, as applied to Transactive Energy (TE), is an important technology that has the potential to change today’s utility business models towards the utility of the future.   There will be impacts to energy automation, distributed solar photovoltaic, distributed energy storage systems (DESS), smart metering, distributed energy resources (DER), etc.

This webinar will give you an opportunity to learn about current work and pilot projects being conducted by NREL, Duke Energy, and the IEEE task force on transactive energy.

Original air date:  April 22, 2021

Cost:  Free of charge but please register using this link if you haven’t already

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Co-Hosts:  Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory (An energy research partnership since 2007 between University of Colorado Boulder, Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University, and National Renewable Energy Lab)

Webinar host and for more info:  Maury.Dobbie@ColoradoCollaboratory.org  Executive Director, Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory 970-682-5707 (cell/text)

Moderator:  Joe Gersch, Assistant Professor, Colorado State University


  • Liz Escobar-Fernandes, IT Manager, Emerging Digital, Duke Energy
  • Tony Markel, Senior Researcher, Partnership Development, Secure Cyber-Energy Systems Group, National Renewable Energy Laboratory
  • Claudio Lima, Global Leader in Blockchain Digital Services with ML/AI and IoT

PowerPoint presentations shared by the speakers during webinar:

Blockchain DLT @ Duke & BEC IEEE Liz Escobar & Claudio Lima

Tony Markel PPT slides_NREL_blockchain forum


Joe Gersch
Assistant Professor
Colorado State University

Dr. Joseph Gersch is an Assistant Professor at Colorado State University where he teaches courses in cybersecurity, blockchain, networking, and quantum computing algorithms.  He is also the President of Invykta LLC, a computer security consulting company.  Prior to CSU he was President and CEO of Secure64 Software Corporation where he earlier served as CTO and COO for 13 years.  Dr. Gersch is also a 24-year veteran of HP where he managed R&D and Marketing departments that delivered innovative products across a wide range of technologies.  Dr. Gersch earned a B.S. in Computer Science at the University of Michigan and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Computer Science from Colorado State University.   jgersch@colostate.edu

Elizabeth Escobar-Fernandes
IT Manager, Emerging Digital
Duke Energy

Elizabeth Escobar-Fernandes grew up in Colombia, South America. She graduated Suma Cum Laude from UNC Charlotte in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering. Elizabeth joined Duke Energy in January 2015 and currently leads the Emerging Digital organization at Duke Energy.  Elizabeth is a Certified Blockchain Hyperledger Blockchain developer, Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH).  Elizabeth led the Emerging Digital team that developed a Hyperledger Fabric R&D Blockchain prototype for transactive energy use cases. Elizabeth is a proud contributor of the IEEE P2418.5 Blockchain in Energy Workgroup and IEEE Blockchain Working Group: Cybersecurity Task Force 1.  Elizabeth.Escobar-Fernandes@duke-energy.com

Tony Markel
Senior Researcher, Partnership Development
Secure Cyber-Energy Systems Group
National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL)

Mr. Markel leads and develops new research efforts at NREL addressing cyber-physical security challenges necessary to ensure robust operations of power systems and the sectors that depend on it. His experience covers, vehicle electrification, grid integration, optimization, and cybersecurity of infrastructure. He holds both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Mechanical Engineering.  Tony.Markel@nrel.gov

Claudio Lima
Global Leader in Blockchain Digital Services with ML/AI and IoT

Claudio Lima, Ph.D., is a global executive and thought leader in advanced blockchain, IoT, and AI digital transformation technologies, with expertise in energy (utilities, oil & gas), smart city, and telecom/IT. He is co-founder of the Blockchain Engineering Council, chair of the IEEE Blockchain Energy Standards WG, and chair of the IEEE Blockchain Transactive Energy Initiative. He headed the Sprint Advanced Technology Labs Digital Media Initiative (DMI) in Silicon Valley, California, and the IEEE 2030 Smart Grid standards, as Vice-Chair. Lima was Co-Chair of the IIC Industrial Internet Consortium (Industrial IoT), and was a former director of global standards of the Ethereum Enterprise Alliance (EEA). He is currently leading global efforts on Blockchain/DLT standardization, interoperability and energy smart contracts in government and corporate enterprise blockchain. Lima is Co-Founder and Vice President of the G20 World Smart Cities Economic Development Angel Investment Forum (WBAF) in Blockchain, and Chair of the GBA Government Blockchain Association Blockchain Smart City. He’s also Advisory Board Member of the National Science Foundation Blockchain Initiative, and the US DOE Department of Energy BLOSEM Blockchain project. Dr. Lima earned a PhD in Electronic Engineering at the University of Kent (UKC/UK, 1995). He can be reached at clima@blockchain-eng.org