Hydrogen Part 3:  Hydrogen is not a Commodity Like Petroleum — Understanding the Differences

October 29 webinar time:  10:00 – 11:00am MT

Cost:  Free of charge but everyone must register using this link

After webinar is completed on October 29, the webinar will be re-posted on this page free of charge.

Co-hosts:  Colorado Energy Research Collaboratory  /   Denver Metro Clean Cities Coalition
Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA)   /  Colorado Hydrogen Network

It’s easy to think of hydrogen as a substitute for petroleum.  But petroleum is both an energy source and carrier and can be easily stored.  Replacing it will require a triad of electricity, hydrogen and ammonia (NH3) and there are challenges with transporting and storing all three.  This webinar will explain the role of each, describe this new energy paradigm, and compare the trade-offs between transportation costs and conversion losses.

Moderator: Brian DeBruine, Director of Operations, Colorado Hydrogen Network


  • Brian LaPlante, Owner, Back When Foods, Inc.
  • Joe Beach, CEO and CTO, Starfire Energy
  • Krista Mann, Head of US Operations, Eneus Energy

**********************************************Speaker Bios******************************************************

Brian DeBruine
Director of Operations
Colorado Hydrogen Network

Brian DeBruine is a retired Systems Engineer and Business Development Manager with Honeywell Aerospace who is one of the founders of the Colorado Hydrogen Network and now serves that organization full time.

Brian LaPlante
Back When Foods, Inc

Brian LaPlante is involved with the utilization of fermentation technologies for food production and energy production.  His interest in the potential for ammonia and hydrogen production from fermentation of agricultural products has led to his involvement in developing a Midwest hydrogen and ammonia supply chain for the coming change in the energy sectors.  He is leading the formation of a multi-state hydrogen and ammonia taskforce focusing on synchronization of the supply chain for the widespread use of fuel cell technology.

Krista Mann
Head of US Operations
Eneus Energy

Krista Mann is head of US Operations for Eneus Energy and is focused on growing a new green hydrogen and green ammonia industry.  She has 17 years of experience in the renewable electricity sector.

Joe Beach
Starfire Energy

Joe Beach is CEO and CTO of Starfire Energy. He leads their development ammonia fuel technologies. He previously worked in solar energy systems and was a founder of a thin film CdTe solar panel start-up.