Title:               21st Century Energy Transition (9th annual)    click here for 2020 symposium website
Theme:           Ideas. Innovation. Impact.
Location:       Embassy Suites, 1420 Stout Street, Denver, Colorado
Co-Hosts:      Collaboratory organizations (Colorado School of Mines, Univ of Colorado Boulder, Colorado State Univ, National Renewable Energy Lab)

2020 EnergyTransition Symposium — AGENDA    Printable

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April 28, 2020Day one

7:00am-7:00pm Registration and Information Desk
7:00-8:00am Continental Breakfast and Networking
8:00-8:15am Welcome
8:15-8:45am General Session Keynote “Setting the stage for symposium: A global, national, state big picture. Climate goal setting is a disruptive driver of the energy sector – how will states, cities and corporations achieve their goals? Overview of terminology and definitions so we are all ‘speaking the same language’. How will Colorado reach their climate goals?”
8:45-9:15am General Session Keynote  “Climate goals and energy transition projections:  What did we get right, what did we get wrong over the years, what is the case for disruption, where do we go from here?”
9:15-9:30am BREAK
9:30-10:00am General Session Keynote  “Modeling, metrics and measurements: How are we going to achieve the climate goals states, cities and corporations are setting? How can we predict the future and then measure our progress?”
10:00-10:30am General Session Keynote “Achieving a carbon-free vision”
10:30-11:00am Moderated fireside chat with the three previous keynote speakers
11:00-noon General Session Panel  “Powering Women in Energy—Jobs and Careers”
12:00-12:45 LUNCH
12:45-1:15pm General Session Keynote and Moderated Fireside Chat    “Colorado’s climate and clean energy goals. Our one year report card.”   Colorado Governor Jared Polis (invited)
1:15-2:15pm General Session Panel   “How are states planning to meet their climate goals?”
2:15-3:00pm General Session Keynote and Moderated Fireside Chat “What is the future of the oil and gas industry in a low carbon world?”
3:00-3:15pm BREAK
3:15-4:15pm General Session Keynotes and Moderated Fireside Chat “Commercialization opportunities in a low carbon energy future”


General Session Panel   “Decarbonization Solutions” Five minute lightening rounds by 14 researchers & scientists on a variety of technical solutions for a low carbon future.
5:30-6:15pm PUBLIC RECEPTION (appetizers served, cash bar)
6:15-7:00pm General Session Keynote and Moderated Fireside Chat     “Three Revolutions: Steering automated, shared, and electric vehicles to a better future”
7:00pm Adjourn Day 1

 April 29, 2020Day two

7:30am-noon Registration and Information Desk
7:30-8:30am Continental Breakfast and Networking
8:30-8:40am Welcome
8:40-9:15am General Session Keynote and Moderated Fireside Chat  “How can a utility transform their responsible energy plan to advance cooperative clean energy?”
9:15-10:15am General Session Panel   “How fast can we/should we electrify?”
10:15-11:15am General Session Panel   “Electrification approaches”
11:15-11:50am General Session Keynote and Moderated Fireside Chat “Outsider’s view of the Colorado energy ecosystem”
11:50-12:00pm Adjourn 1.5 day symposium.  Symposium wrap up by Bill Ritter, Honorary Chair

Colorado Transportation Electrification Forum
[Maximum of 90 people in attendance for lunch and forum.  Invitation-only forum due to limited space]

The State of Colorado’s Air Quality Control Commission has recently ruled to adopt a Zero Emissions Vehicle Rule. This rule will accelerate the availability of ZEV options for Colorado consumers beginning in January 2020. Colorado already ranks 5th in the US in terms of electric vehicle adoption due in large part to the notable success in the domains of public policy, commerce, public-private partnerships, local initiatives, and public demand for these technologies. This forum seeks to engage national leadership in these domains to discuss the opportunities and challenges to the future of zero emissions transportation in Colorado. Stakeholders from across the spectrum of industry, government, and academia will be present to communicate:

— lessons learned on ZEV program implementation from across the US,
— technical and policy solutions to Colorado-centric ZEV adoption challenges,
— projections & guidance on how to maximize the benefits of accelerated ZEV adoption for consumers & industry.

Due to limited space only 90 total attendees will be invited.  When people register for the energy transition symposium, if they want to attend the Colorado Transportation Electrification Forum, they would choose the 4th choice on the registration page that includes the April 28-29 1.5 day symposium and the forum (April 29 afternoon).  Closer to the event, the steering committee will be inviting up to 90 attendees to come to the April 29 afternoon EV forum.

1:00-2:00pm General Session Panel   ”How do we get more zero emission EVs on the road?”
2:00-3:00pm General Session Panel   “Innovating technologies for electrified transportation”  (Roadway/IT integration, battery second use, hydrogen)
3:00-3:15pm BREAK
3:15-4:15pm General Session Panel   ”Electrifying heavy-duty transportation”  (Roadway integration, battery second use, hydrogen)
4:15-4:45pm General Session ”Future vision of Colorado’s electric transportation”