The 2020 event app won’t be available until April 10, 2020

We have prepared a great tool for you to use before, during and after the April 28-29, 2020 symposium.  Be sure to download the event app prior to April 28 so you can see who is attending, session topics, speaker bios and pictures and you will have the ability to upload your own information to share with others.  You can also communicate with attendees and ask for meetings.  For all of you competitive people, we even have a game that you can play!

Directions for downloading event app

Step 1:  You have to be registered for the 21st Century Energy Transition Symposium 2020 in order to download the app.  Click here to register.

Step 2:  Once registered, go to app store on your phone

Step 3:  Search for “CrowdCompass AttendeeHub”

Step 4:  Download CrowdCompass Attendee Hub

Step 5:  Search for “21st Century Energy Transition Symposium”

Step 6:  Download “21st Century Energy Transition Symposium”

Step 7:  Hit “Allow app” to send you notifications as the event nears and while at the event

Step 8:  When you first enter the event app it will email you a verification code.  Put in the 4 digit code on your phone when you enter the first time.

Step 9:  You should be all set!  Play around with the event app, see who is coming, view the agenda and speaker bios, view all the sponsors, communicate with people, set up meetings and have fun playing the game that is set up on the event app.

Download or view instructions:

  1. Directions for downloading app 2020
  2. Logging in via the event app 2020