2015 Natural Gas Symposium

Hosted by The Energy Institute at Colorado State University for the 5th year, the 2015 Natural Gas Symposium was held October 27 and 28 on the CSU campus in Fort Collins, Colorado.  Since 2011 when Colorado State University hosted their first inaugural symposium,  CSU has built a reputation for the past five years for hosting balanced symposiums discussing all sides of the natural gas issue while remaining an “honest broker” of information and education. Click here for agenda.

Click here to view the speaker session videos.  Click here to download PowerPoint presentations if a speaker used slides in their presentation. The PPT slide decks will be next to the speaker’s name in red font.

Location: Colorado State University Lory Student Center in Fort Collins.

Who attended: CSU students, faculty, researchers and staff; business leaders; oil, gas and supply chain industries; environmentalists; federal and state delegation; local government and economic development officials; interested citizens throughout the region; statewide media; global reach through live-streaming.

Cost: Free of charge.

Theme:  Key Components for Sustainable Industry-Community Collaboration.  How can the oil and gas industry be environmentally and economically sustainable? How do businesses, local and state governments enhance sustainability in an oil and gas commodity pricing environment?

Symposium expected outcomes: Our main projected outcome was the examination of Colorado as a microcosm for developing data-driven solutions. Our goal was to enhance economic and environmental sustainability for industry and for state and local communities.

Oil/Gas/Environmental Connections: CSU students are always encouraged to attend any and all of the 1.5 day symposium sessions. There was a specific student-focused networking event planned for students at the October 27 public reception and keynote address.

 Day 1:  Tuesday, October 27

    • 1:00-4:30 pm: Natural Gas 101 topics on air, water, geology, drilling/fracking
    • 4:25-4:45 pm: Three Colorado Cleantech Industries Association (CCIA) awardees gave a 4 minute pitch, audience used the event app to vote for winner
    • 5:00-6:00 pm: Public reception
    • 6:00-6:45 pm: Keynote speaker was Fred Krupp, President of Environmental Defense Fund

Day 2: Wednesday, October 28

    • 8:00-5:00pm: Six sessions and one lunch keynote speaker

Key Components for Sustainable Industry-Community Collaboration

Session 1 Assuring clean air and water
Session 2 Resolving conflicts between state and federal policies and goals
Session 3 Highlight CSU-driven solutions and projects
Session 4 Lunch keynote speaker
Session 5 Workplace safety and public safety related to oil and gas activities
Session 6 Solving the state versus local control puzzle
Session 7 Developing a vision for sustainability:  How the oil and gas industry can be economically viable and how industry-community relationships can be sustained over time