Opening Remarks/Background + Natural Gas 101 — Geology of natural gas

Natural Gas 101 — Drilling and Completion

Natural Gas 101 — Processing, Transport and Distribution

Processing, transport, and distribution
Speaker: Scott A. Neil, PE, Senior Director Project Engineering, DCP Midstream

Natural Gas 101 — The Role of Water

Natural Gas 101 — Supply Outlook for Natural Gas

Supply outlook for natural gas
Speaker: Suzanne Minter, Bentek Energy

Keynote Address #1

Moving Beyond Misinformation: Education and Engagement”
Speaker: Tisha Conoly Schuller, President & CEO, Colorado Oil and Gas Association

Keynote Address #2

“Moving the Discussion Away from Threats and Toward Collaboration.”
Speaker: Ed Warner, Professor & Geologist

Panel Session #1

Increasing the use of natural gas: Is that a good thing?
Moderator: Tim Reeser, Executive Director of CSU’s commercial arm of Clean Energy Supercluster, CENERGY

  • Can our water resources survive the increased production and use of natural gas? (Ken Carlson, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University)
  • Is natural gas really part of a clean energy strategy? Tales from the environment. (Mark Williams, Institute of Arctic and Alpine Research, University of Colorado)
  • Community impacts (positive and negative) of increased natural gas production and use (Barb Kirkmeyer, Weld County Commissioner)
  • Natural gas as a renewable fuel – what does the future hold? (Sybil Sharvelle, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Colorado State University)

Panel Session #2″

The Role of Regulations in the Natural Gas Industry
Moderator: Former Colorado Governor, Bill Ritter, Director of the Center for the New Energy Economy

  • Federal perspective (Kate Fay, Environmental Protection Agency)
State perspective (David Neslin, Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission)
  • Industry perspective (Stephen Flaherty, Noble Energy)

Panel Session #3

Beyond our borders: Natural gas in a global context
Moderator: Bryan Willson, Director, Clean Energy Supercluster

  • Supply/Demand/Opportunity Issues in Europe, Asia(China) and Africa, Bryan Willson, Director, Clean Energy Supercluster,
  • How political and economic risk affects investment decisions and implications for the future of gas production in those same economies, Michael Orlando, Principal, Economic Advisors.